Products & Innovation

Custom products can simplify your work environment and dramatically help those you serve.

Need specialized cutting instruments or custom tips for a standard German instrument? Maybe you want to add silicone handles to your shafted instruments, or include a torque-limiting driver for a spinal project. Perhaps you're having difficulty working with a particular complex instrument assembly, while at the same time allowing for efficient manufacturing.

We're ready to assist you in the areas shown below, and more, in a professional and courteous manner. We create custom products to match your specific needs. With many large suppliers, you may end up working with multiple groups of employees from different time zones and even different countries, making communication and progress almost impossible, and difficult at best.

At Blue M, we provide you the opportunity to work with a consistent core group to satisfy all of your product development and manufacturing needs.

We are here to address your needs and we would be happy to assist in any way possible.

Trauma/Fracture Management
Sports Medicine
General Surgical